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Accommodations in BermudaBermuda is synonymous with elegant casual living. Tradition is important here, and this makes Bermuda's accommodations, from the simplest cottage to the most luxurious hotel suite, a soothing respite from the trendy commercialism of many metropolitan and resort centers.

Enjoy browsing through our listings. Some of the most beautiful and highly rated resort hotels in the world are in Bermuda. Guest Houses are equivalent to the American term 'Bed & Breakfast'. You will want to find out whether the breakfast is full or continental before booking your stay. Explore our listings, too, for charming inns. The most independent travelers will want to look at the Vacation Rentals and Apartments.

There aren't many accommodations here for travel on the cheap. You won't find a double room for under US$100 and the average room price is almost double that. If you plan to stay a week or less, package deals incorporating airfare and hotels will be the most practical.

Make sure to use our Inquiry Form, which will get you answers about accommodations fast!

Camping is not available for visitors except in organized school groups.