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Bermuda Marriage CertificateBefore you can marry in Bermuda, you have to fill out a Bermuda Government form, called Notice of Intended Marriage and send it together with a US dollar cashiers check, international money order or bank draft payable to the Accountant General, Bermuda in the amount of US$220 ($200 filing of Notice, $20 Marriage Certificate), to the Registry General. If you are younger than 18, you must send proof of parental consent. Where applicable, you should also send photocopies of divorce certificates. Once the Registry General receives these papers, the registrar will put one announcement of your intended marriage in The Royal Gazette and one other in the Bermuda Sun. Provided no one makes a valid objection, you will then receive your license. The procedure must be completed between 15 days and three months of your wedding date.

The Registry General, Melbourne House, 30 Parliament St., Hamilton, (441) 297-7709