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Wedding in Bermuda If you want a civil ceremony, you'll tie the knot, so to speak, in the Marriage Room of the Registry General. Now some people are worried that registry office marriages are too impersonal and cold altogether. However, the Registrar, Mrs. Christopher, and the Assistant Registrar, Mr. Dowling, genuinely care about each marriage they conduct. They combine formality and warmth in such a way that the significance of the event comes through. They want you to feel that your wedding is a very special occasion. The room itself is beautifully decorated with an ocean-view mural. Some couples like to add to the outdoor effect by having sand put on the floor. The staff are happy to comply and are unfazed by the sight of the bride and groom dressed in all their finery but in bare feet. As soon as you acquire the marriage license, you can make an appointment. Appointments can be any time between 10 AM and 3:45 PM Monday through Friday, and 10 AM to noon on Saturday. You will need two witnesses. They can be your relatives or friends, but staff will step in (except on Saturdays) if requested. The Registrar and the Assistant Registrar are not able to officiate at weddings outside or at any other location. The cost of the ceremony is $167.

Bermuda has a diversity of religions and faiths. It is possible to have a religious wedding ceremony here if you come from overseas, but policies do differ from faith to faith. For example, although we have a Jewish community here, we do not have a resident rabbi. You are welcome to have a Jewish ceremony, provided your own rabbi is willing to come and conduct it. For a Muslim ceremony call Resident Imam-Ameer Shakir at either (441) 293-9108 or (441) 292-5986. For a Baha'i wedding call (441) 292-2723 for an indoor or outdoor ceremony. Where Christian weddings are concerned, policies vary from denomination to denomination. If you're Roman Catholic, a priest will marry you here only if you have Catholic family living and practicing their religion in Bermuda or if you once lived on the island and were a member of one of our Catholic churches. All Catholic wedding ceremonies must be held in a church. Clergy of some Protestant denominations do perform weddings for overseas visitors, and some are willing to officiate at outdoor weddings.

An outdoor wedding can be anywhere between $150 to $250, while a church wedding can cost between $300 and $500. Check with the church of your choice for information about costs.