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Champagne in BermudaBermuda's food and in particular Hamilton's restaurants, cafés and supermarkets offer everything your heart desires: from gourmet five-course dinners to 'Bangers and Hash' in the local pub. Be prepared to pay a premium. By now, as you probably already know, 'Bermuda ain't cheap'.

If you stay in an efficiency apartment or a kitchen comes with your cottage, why not have a case of your favorite wine delivered in advance?

The most traditional meal is Sunday codfish breakfast, a huge affair consisting of codfish, eggs, boiled Irish potatoes, bananas, avocado, with a sauce of onions and tomatoes. Cassava pie is a Christmas tradition and celebrates the special significance the vegetable for Bermudians. It is credited with having helped early settlers get through periods of famine.

The local rum is Gosling's Black Seal Rum. The way to drink it is as 'Dark'n Stormy' - with ginger beer in a ratio of 2:1. And speaking of rum, don't even think of leaving Bermuda before trying the Bermuda Rum Cake, a traditional local delicacy famous around the world.