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Groceries in BermudaYou rented a beautiful apartment overlooking the beach? You do not want to miss the sunset? Getting hungry? - Get it delivered!

Some companies specialize in bringing gourmet dinner to your door from various fine restaurants. Some eateries prefer to deliver themselves. From others you will have to pick it up :(

The ultimate luxury is of course having your own chef. Included in the following list are catering services, that will cook especially for you or you and a 100 of your friends and family, wedding guests and so forth. Some 'take out - only' places you'll find as well.

Arabian Deep Fried Chicken(441) 292-1314City of Hamilton
Bouquet Garni Cateringemail(441) 291-4139Smith's
Captain's Lounge(441) 293-9546City of Hamilton
Crow Lane BakeryCity of Hamilton
Eat N Run(441) 799-1270Smith's
Flying Chefemail(441) 295-1595City of Hamilton
Four Star Pizza(441) 297-3434St. George's
MR Onions(441) 292-5012City of Hamilton
Sung Sing(441) 296-8758City of Hamilton
Sung Sing(441) 296-8758St. George's