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Mayor and Town Crier of St. George, Bermuda'Bermuda' - whitewashed stone cottages, proper gentlemen in jackets, ties and shorts, beautiful beaches, cricket matches and afternoon tea - all of these stereotypes come true.

Bermuda is, contrary to common conception, not in the Caribbean. The western Atlantic Ocean, 580 nautical miles east of North Carolina, is where you will find Bermuda on the map!
The temperature ranges from the low 70s to the mid 80s Fahrenheit (20° to 25° Celsius) year round, with approximately 5" of rain per month (12 cm).

Visitors from the U.S. perceive Bermuda to be quaintly British; the Brits, on the other hand, tend to consider the island highly Americanized. However, it is, of course, uniquely Bermudian - a product of nearly four centuries of British colonial history and an equally long reliance on American trade, with important cultural and social contributions from West Africa and Asia as well.