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Bermuda Cathedral The City of Hamilton (map) is the hub of Bermuda, serving as both its capital and commercial center. It has a population of 15000. The city's pulse is located in Front St, a harbourfront road lined with turn-of-the-century Victorian buildings in bright pastel colours. Many buildings have overhanging verandahs, which provide cooling shade, where you can linger over lunch or watch the boats ferry across the harbour.

One of the attractions in Hamilton is Bermuda Cathedral, built in neo-Gothic style. It can be seen from most of Pembroke Parish. You can also find the Bermuda Historical Society Museum, which contains models of the Sea Venture (see History); and the Bermuda National Gallery, containing works by Thomas Gainsborough, Joshua Reynolds and Winslow Homer.

Fort Hamilton is a substantial hilltop fort with a bird's-eye view of Hamilton Harbor. It's one of a series of fortifications erected in the mid-19th century during a period of rising tensions between Britain and the USA. The ramparts are mounted with 10-inch rifled muzzleloader guns, capable of firing 400-pound cannonballs through iron-hulled vessels. These devastating weapons were, fortunately, never required.