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Sandys ParishSandys Parish (map) is the westernmost of all nine Parishes. It includes Somerset Island (named after the English county of Somerset, like Somerset in New Jersey), Boaz Island, Ireland Island and Watford Island. All of them are connected by bridges and serviced by buses and ferries. It was named in honor of Sir Edwin Sandys (1561-1629).

King's Wharf, or 'Dockyard' - as it is referred to by Bermudians- is one of the places the big cruise ships dock in Bermuda; the others being Hamilton City and St. George's Harbour.

Somerset Long Bay Beaches (map) is a public Park & Nature Reserve. These are the best beaches for cruise ship visitors whose ship is moored at King's Wharf. Toilet facilities are primitive but the location is free and splendid for a picnic. The shallow waters are safe for swimming, snorkeling and bone fishing. The Park is a Bermuda Audubon Society bird sanctuary. Mangrove pond attracts local and overseas species.

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