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Admiral George SomersSt. George's Parish (map) includes historic Town of St. George. It was jointly named for Bermuda's founder (see Bermuda's History), Englishman Admiral Sir George Somers and the patron saint of England - St. George.

The Parish includes all of St. George's Island. Originally it was named Tortoise Island, named so by the Admiral himself - check out Somer's map (Geography), where he drew himself sitting on a turtle!

St. George's Parish was the first to be colonized. It also includes part of Main Island, Bermuda's biggest island, St. George's Harbor, all of St. David's Island, originally 503 acres but enlarged in 1942 to build the (now decommissioned) United States Naval Air Station. The Parish starts where Hamilton Parish ends, on the road after Blue Hole Hill, before the Causeway to the airport. It is joined to Main via a road and to St. George's Island via the Swing Bridge, then over it and Longbird bridges briefly into Hamilton Parish then this Parish again at Tucker's Town and Castle Islands. The Parish also includes all islands in Castle and St. George's Harbors.

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