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Sir Thomas SmytheSmith's Parish (map) lies between Devonshire Parish to the West and Hamilton Parish to the East. It has sea frontage on the South and North shores and southern side of Harrington Sound.

Smith's Parish was named after Bermuda's patron, Sir Thomas Smythe (1588-1624).

A London haberdasher's assistant rose to great responsibilities and riches and was knighted by King James. He became first Governor of the Somers Isles Company (= Bermuda), an office he held at the time of his death in 1625. Because of his financial support of British efforts to discover a Northwest Passage to the Orient, explorer William Baffin named Smith's Sound on the Canadian coast of British Columbia after him. Smith's Island in St. George's Harbour also bears his name.
In his will Sir Thomas Smith set up a charity that provides pensions for the elderly up to this day.

One of the most popular spots for visitors to this parish is John Smith's Bay and Park. It has a very lovely pink beach that is easily accessible by bus #1. The overall park setting make this beach popular with tourists and locals. During the summer months a life guard is on duty.