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3rd Earl of SouthamptonSouthampton Parish (map) was named after Henry Wriothesley, Third Earl of Southampton (1573-1624).

He came into his peerage at the age of 8, to become a patron and friend of William Shakespeare. He became a member of the Council of the Virginia Company in 1605 and in 1615 the Bermuda Company. He was the largest shareholder in the original Southampton Tribe.

Southampton Parish is located on the western side of Bermuda, between Sandys Parish and Warwick Parish.

Southampton Parish is home to the famous Sonesta Beach Resort, which was bought by Wyndham in 2004 (see Bermuda Hotels and Resorts). The resort lies on Boat Bay, which has a history of sunken ships, Spanish raids and, of course, many happy family vacation memories :)

The public Church Bay - Bermuda National Park has not only a beautiful beach, but also features a fort, dating from 1612, public restrooms and other amenities.